Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beating Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a common problem in modern day society and is a common symptom of stress. In stressful situations, anxiety is normal, it’s when anxious feelings start to take over your life that it becomes a problem. Typical symptoms of anxiety are feelings of dread, worry, panic, apprehension, doom, insomnia, loose bowels, sweating, muscle tension, dizziness, hyperventilation, flushing, irritability, fatigue, palpitations, stomach problems, tremor, sweating and restlessness. These symptoms are usually associated with what may happen. In some people who feel anxious, anxiety is linked with depression so it is always wise to consult your doctor if you have anxious symptoms.

To combat anxiety, it is best to find out what is causing the stress, try to reduce the stress by taking up counselling, meditation, group therapy, yoga and relaxing more. Some people who suffer from anxiety have found acupuncture beneficial. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and substances that contain caffeine such as coffee, carbonated drinks, tea, chocolate and caffeine containing medication. Many anxieties suffers find that the herbs Valerian and Kava Kava help them to feel calm and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. There are many different makes of relaxing supplements that can be bought in health food shops that contain these herbs mixed with others that help you to feel calm. Some people also find Bach Rescue Remedy helpful when suffering from anxiety.

The following supplements may help if you are suffering from Anxiety.

B group vitamins




Kava Kava


Multivitamins and multiminerals

St John’s wort


Stewart Hare C.H.Ed Dip NutTh

Advice for a healthier natural life


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Acupuncture, I never thought of that as a resource to help reduce anxiety. Thanks for the information.

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