Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stress Relief and Relaxation Secrets You Can Use Today

You may not even realise that stress is taking a toll on you every day and if you don’t get a handle on it, you are in big trouble.
There are a huge number of factors that lead to elevated stress levels, including seventy hour work weeks, crazy commutes, Motorway gridlock, unnecessary queues, unpaid bills, endless family demands, too much to do and too little time.
There are some pretty powerful resources that you can put to work to help you combat stress. You’ll probably be amazed at how simple some of them are.
A recent study found that 90% of doctor visits are for stress related symptoms?
Stress bombards us every day from all directions. Maybe it’s sitting in the midst of Motorway gridlock when you are already late for an important appointment. Or how about the bill you forgot to pay? It could be a phone call from the school complaining about your child’s behaviour.
These are just the annoying little stress triggers that we handle every day.
There’s a whole arsenal of stress busting tools available that we will discuss here. Hopefully, the more you understand your stress, the better prepared you are at controlling your body’s response to stress and restoration to a calmer state of mind.
More information, including a stress test, plus more comprehensive explanations can be found in the 5 part course, details of which can be found at the end of the article.
What is Stress?
Chemically, stress is a condition that your body enters as the result of a message received from your brain telling it to prepare to run or fight.
How to control Stress
What’s causing your stress?
A slow build up of everyday annoyances: a dead car battery, traffic jam, buttons that pop off your clothes as you are going to an important meeting?
It’s the little things that get under your skin. Is it a tight schedule and seemingly insurmountable problems? Are there Bills to pay, a boss to please, a colicky baby to pacify?
Juggling many roles is a main cause of stress.
What you need to do is relax.
Keys to stress reduction 1 – 4
1 Breathe deeply.
Relax your muscles, expanding your stomach and chest. Exhale slowly. Repeat several times.
Follow your breath as it flows in and out. Do not try to control it. This is a good way to relax in the midst of any activity. This technique allows you to find a breathing pattern that is natural and relaxing to you.
2 Exercise regularly.
Aerobic exercise, such as walking and swimming, produces brain chemicals that uplift your mood and mental well-being.
Exercise also improves sleep and gives you time to think and focus on other things. However, beware of compulsive exercise.
3 Eat healthy foods.
You should never skip meals. Take time out for lunch no matter how busy you are.
Carry nutritious snacks to the office, or even the shopping centre. A nutritionally balanced diet is important.
4 Don’t let others get you down.
Choose positive friends who are not worriers. Friends who constantly put you down or talk gloomily about life will increase your anxiety.
Ask a good friend to help you talk out a problem and get it off your chest. A long-distance call to an old pal can be great therapy.
A further 8 simple keys are included in the 5 part course, details of which can be found at the end of the article.
Final Thoughts
Let’s review some of what you have learned about stress.
Steel will snap from it and a pressure cooker will blow its lid. Stress, pressure and tension is a fact of everyday life for most of us.
Remember that it puts you at risk for heart attack, stroke, insomnia, backache, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, sports injuries and infertility.
With your health at stake, using some of the methods we have discussed is essential.
It’s also important that you remember that stress is a physiological response. It isn’t all in your head! You owe it to yourself to take the time to use the stress-reducing techniques on a daily basis.
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