Saturday, December 10, 2005 Update has made a number of of changes in the last week. The site is now offering free relaxing mp3 recordings. The music on these recordings is all composed and performed by the webmaster, Mark Altman. All tracks are free to download from the home page of the site, and each month a new recording will be made available.

In response to viewer's feedback, some of the sounds on the SoundSleeping Soundboard have been changed. The old metal wind chimes have been replaced with wooden woodchimes and the Rain sound has been updated.

I hope you enjoy these recent improvements to the site.

If you have any comments or suggestions for this website, please email me at or leave a post in the discussion.

Thank you,
Mark Altman

Click here for SoundSleeping's Relaxing MP3 Downloads!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,

I enjoy using the sound board you created. I use it in the background when I surf the web.

You asked for comments, so I thought I would offer some constructive criticism or advice about the discussion. It actually isn't a discussion at all, but rather a bunch of articles. I'd be much more interested in seeing a discussion concerning relaxation, meditation, etc.. than just coming to read articles.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion and continued success with your site.

12:00 PM  

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