Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sleep and Relaxation Tips

I was recently discussing the subject of anxiety, stress, and sleep problems with a couple of my friends. All three of us had struggled with these issues and had experienced nervous breakdowns, stress leaves from work, anxiety medication and/or sleeping pills.

Today we are all living without medication, and have found our own unique ways of successfully dealing with stress and anxiety.

Our conversation made me think of how different each of us is. My friends and I all discovered methods to reduce stress and anxiety, and all three of us ultimately found success using a different routine. This shouldn't be too surprising, seeing that my friends and I all have different occupations, hobbies, family situations, body types, fitness levels, personalities, etc. Some found that intense physical exertion was helpful, where others found success with lighter aerobic exercise. Meditation and aromatherapy was seen by some as a cure, and to others as boring and pointless.

Unfortunately, the literature on stress and sleep disorders generally offers the same advice for everyone, and rarely points out that there are no blanket remedies. If you don't realize that stress and sleep remedies are individualistic, and may work better for some than for others, you may cause yourself a lot of frustration and (ironically) stress.

I’ve found most of the stress and sleep disorder remedy advice I've read on websites and in books to be helpful. At the same time, people should realize that only a small number of these tips may actually work for them.

My advice would be to try a variety of exercises and methods for sleep and anxiety. If you find something works, stick with it, but if it is not helping, move on and try something else. Don’t get frustrated if the first few methods you try don’t work for you. Remember, you are unique, and many of the stress and sleep tips you find may not be for you. Keep on searching and trying different methods, you’ll eventually come across a system that will work for you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is certainly true for me. I can get pretty stressed out sometimes, but I don't find meditation and yoga to do the trick. I sit in a desk all day, and nothing gives me a better sleep than taking part in sports. In winter I play hockey, and in the summer I play soccer. I need to burn off some energy to shake the anxiety I build up at work.

I'm glad you recognize that yoga and meditation aren't the answer for everybody.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the sounds on this website, and I find it relaxing to listen to while I look at other web pages. It's too bad it can only be played on the computer though. The sounds on your site would be nice to listen to while going to sleep, but my computer isn't near my bedroom. Oh well...

By the way, I agree that everyone finds relaxation through different means. Personally I like the nature sounds. Anyone have advice on good CDs? I hate to waste money on a cruddy sounding one.

8:53 PM  
Blogger flashaltman said...

Hello Beachbum,

I have been considering creating my own relaxing music / nature sound cds, in fact I've been working on some with drumming and various nature sounds. In the meantime, go to my "resources" page and try the first link for Relaxation CDs. They are the best CDs I've come across. You can preview all of their sounds. Some of them have a great surround sound (check out their lightning).

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am always glad to see recognition of diversity. It is generally big companies, who want to make money from as many people as possible, which generalize and oversimplify peoples’ problems. For example, a drug company would love to have everyone believe that they have “the” cure for depression, when in reality depression is a complicated disorder varying so much from person-to-person, that proper treatment could come in innumerable forms (More exposure to sunshine, art or music therapy, exercise, change in diet, etc). People need to take a bigger part in their own diagnosis of ailments, because lets face it, the health system doesn’t have the time or money to do anything more than try to fit you into a broad category in which you probably don’t really fit.

My rant for the day.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been taking Dom-Clonazepam now for about 6 months. After a bit of a stress breakdown I was prescribed these and they helped me get my life back to normal. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to do without the medication now. Most days I feel ok, and I often think I can stop taking. Usually I'll go down to 1/2 pills for awhile, and then try to stop altogether, but then my anxiety kicks in again and I go back to the pills, full dose.

Has anyone successfully kicked this kind of medication, and if so, do you have any advice for someone who want's to get off of them?

Thanks in advance,

4:09 PM  

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