Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stress and Sleep

I've noticed that in the last few posts, a lot of questions have been posed by readers of this blog. Questions are always welcome, and I try my best to look through the postings, and give answers whenever I can. Sometimes, however, I don't feel I have the proper information, or I'm not qualified to give advice on a subject. I would encourage all the readers of this blog to look through the previous posts and see if there is something they may be able to answer. In your search, you may find some information or ideas that could be helpful for your own situation.

Thanks, and keep on blogging!!!

Flash Altman

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Blogger flashaltman said...

There are several good photo sharing programs. If you have some relaxing photos, or know of someone who has some online somewhere, feel free to leave a link to it in a post. I'm going to look around Flickr and see what I come up with (when I get some free time)

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