Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jasper Mountains

Jasper Mountains
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This is a photo I took while travelling through Jasper Alberta Canada. The clouds layered amongst the mountains was a beautiful sight.

On a totally different note, I saw an article on the website "webmd" which claimed that the following four steps may improve your memory:

- Eat a healthy diet.
- Get aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking).
- Practice relaxation exercises.
- Challenge the brain with brain teasers and memory-training techniques.

... And I thought my readers might be interested in this.

The whole article can be seen at:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a big surprise that these things help memory. Exercise increases blood circulation throughout the entire body, including the brain. Relaxation exercises reduce anxiety and stress, leaving the brain more clear and lucid. As far as memory exercises go, exercising the brain is like working any other muscle, it grows and becomes stronger.

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