Monday, February 20, 2006

landscape photo

Hi Everyone,

I haven't had a lot of time to write posts. As you've probably noticed I'm kind of on a photo kick. I'm going to post a few landscape pics. This one is my own, from a vacation I took in New Brunswick Canada.

There are few things that are more relaxing than beautiful outdoor scenery.

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you don't mind my referring your site to many. I found it recomended by "Intuitive Innovations" blog by Jodie. I love the seagulls and ocean sounds the best! It really relaxes me. I know many are very greatful for this site you made, thank you so much from all of us. Did you record the sounds yourself?

Your photos our lovely on here. The first one on top and the one below it beautiful! I like to take photos too..I so miss the ocean.:-(

With Angel Blessings,


12:07 AM  
Blogger flashaltman said...

Hi Rhiannon,

Thanks for referring my site, more traffic is always welcome. I really enjoyed your blog as well. Lovely art in images and text. It looks like you have a strong following as well, your readers really enjoy your work, so keep it up :)

8:27 PM  

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