Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thanks for checking out my new site

Thanks to all of you who have checked out my new site www.hip-hop-machine. Lots of people have followed the link to see it, but I've received no feedback (I hope that's not a bad sign).

Anyways, enjoy the site and the "hip hop machine", and remember, any feedback is welcome.

My days have been very full lately. I am planning on spending more time writing in this blog starting tomorrow.

Thanks again, and take it easy.

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Blogger Dustin said...

Hey there,

Just "stumbled upon" your site, and wanted to give you a heads-up that the link to your hip hop machine page is wrong in this blog entry -- you have the URL ending witn .html instead of .com.

It's interesting what you're doing with that site; are you also behind nobodysmiling.com? It's also a strange coincidence that you're a jazz musician, a market research programmer and into hip-hop. I'm all three of those things too (although I dropped the programming gig not too long ago). I was also born in Regina, but I grew up in Calgary, went to university at McGill, and live in Halifax now. My main blog is on LiveJournal: http://iamom.livejournal.com. And I may even hit you up later for some advice or feedback on a new site I've just putting together right now that's sort of related to your hip-hop one. If you don't mind.

Nice to meet you.


5:59 PM  
Blogger flashaltman said...

Hi Dustin,

Thanks for pointing out that error in my post. I shouldn't be writing
hastily, I never even tested the link in my post.

I checked out your blog (briefly) and I think it's great. Did you study music at McGill? I studied music performance ther from 1990 to 1995.

I have nothing to do with "nobodysmiling.com", I just like the material
they have. I pick it up through an rss feed.

Feel free to contact me whenever you like.

take it easy,

Mark Altman

P.S. I love the maritimes. I'm thinking of moving out there. My brother lives near Moncton N.B., used to teach composition at Mount Allison University, his wife is still a professor in the music department there. They both perform contemporary music, and my brother composes, plays in a rock band (peter mansbridge and the CBCs), and has a radio program. I wonder if you know them/they know you. My brother is Lorne Altman, and his wife is Helen Pridmore.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, I just found this site. Is the photo from Slack's Cove? Come back and visit it again -- we just bought land out there!!!! love from Helen

7:02 PM  

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