Saturday, August 26, 2006

National Sleep Foundation Survey Facts

 The following are the findings from a survey about sleep:

- Over half of the American work force reports that sleepiness on the job interferes with the amount of work they complete.
- Forty percent of adults admit that the quality of their work suffers when they're sleepy.
- At least two thirds of adults say that sleepiness interferes with their concentration, and 66 percent say sleepiness makes handling stress on the job more difficult.
- Nearly one out of five adults reports making occasional or frequent work errors due to sleepiness.
- Overall, employees estimate that the quality and quantity of their work is dimished by about 30 percent when they are sleepy.
- More than two thirds of shift workers report experiencing problems sleeping.
- Nearly one out of four adults has difficulty getting up for work two or more workdays per week.
- A third of adults would nap at work if it were allowed. Posted by Picasa

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