Monday, August 28, 2006

A Negativity Checklist

A negative attitude can cause stress and depression. On the other hand, studies show that optimistic people are more happy and healthy than their pessimistic counterparts. Turning your attitude around may not be easy, but it could bring you closer to a life free of stress and anxiety.

One exercise that may increase your negativity awareness, is keeping a Negativity Checklist. Before you try to turn your attitude around, spend a few days just observing all of the negativity around you. When you say or do something negative, record the situation on a piece of paper. Your list may look something like this:

  • Got frustrated about poor drivers in traffic
  • Cursed under my breath about 3 of my clients
  • Took part in gossiping about another co-worker
  • Got upset at a waitress at lunch
  • etc, etc

    In the evenings, look over your list, and think about how you could have avoided these situations, or maybe reacted in a more positive way.

    This exercise will help you accomplish two things: 1) You will begin to notice and recognize negative situations and 2) You will have ideas on hand to help you avoid these negative circumstances.

    After a week or two of performing the Negative Checklist exercise, you will find a more healthy and positive attitude begin to surface.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hi mark.
    first time caller, long time listener.
    love your site. please add firewood slowly burning so nikki and i can talk!

    take care!

    2:58 AM  
    Blogger flashaltman said...

    Hello there,

    The campfire sound is a common request. Other night sounds have been suggested to me, like an owl and crickets. The other popular request is a babbling brook.

    I'll be looking into adding some of these sounds soon.

    Thanks alot for coming by, I'm glad you enjoy the sounds :)


    4:38 PM  

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