Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Top Ten Bad Habits

 I found this interesting. According to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Breaking Bad Habits, these are the top 10 bad habits:

  1. Lying
  2. Being late
  3. "Forgetting" and other acts of carelessness
  4. Knuckle cracking
  5. Belching and passing gas
  6. Obsessing over orderliness
  7. Being unable to make a commitment
  8. Being a skinflint (cheapskate)
  9. Procastinating
  10. Cigarette smoking

I'm not sure how they came up with this list, however, I do notice that the top 3 (and a couple others) are serious stress contributors. If you have bad habits that cause you stress, I would consider looking into how to break these habits. I've looked into this a bit, and in my next post I'll share some of my thoughts on the subject. Posted by Picasa

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