Sunday, October 01, 2006

De-Stress Your Body

 This is a popular relaxation technique that allows you to search for stress in your body, and use your mind to release the tension.

There are two ways to do this exercise.

1) Tense each area of your body and then allow it to relax fully
2) Mentally feel the tension flowing out of the muscles. Exhale the tension out of the muscles.

Breathe deeply throughout the excercise, regardless of which method you choose.

Lie down on your back and get yourself in a comfortable position.

First, feel your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back relax, melting into the floor.

Allow your arms, hips, legs, hands and feet to be completely at ease.

Now, begin to observe the tension in your toes. Let this tension slip away.

Search your feet and ankles, and let the tension escape with your exhale.

Move slowly up your legs. Do you feel tension in your calves, or thighs. Let this tension melt away. If there is any tension in your buttocks or abdomen, let it all go.
Release any stress or tension you feel in your lower, and then your upper back.

Repeat this exercise for your arms. Start at the tips of your fingers and slowly move up to your shoulders.

Now you will drain the tightness and tension out of your face. Feel release in your scalp, your ears, your eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Move down through your neck.

And that's all. Your body should be completely void of tension and stress. Posted by Picasa

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