Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sleep Aids

''I've been emailed questions about sleep aids, and whether or not the tool on my homepage is really an effective answer. Well, I have to admit, that unless you're computer is in your bedroom and it's attached to good quality speakers, the tool isn't really going to help your sleep.

This site has gone under a lot of modifications since it was launched. Originally it was meant to give sleep advice, but it has moved toward a combination of relaxation and sleep. I think the mixing board is very nice for relaxation, and certain mixes would be effective as a sleep aid (I may write about specific sound combinations in a follow up post). However, many of the mp3s on the mp3 download page would probably do a better job of providing targeted help for sleep, relaxation, or stress-reduction.

I intend on writing a post explaining the therapeutic qualities of my different mp3s very soon.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Nature Mixing Board Instructions

waterfall I've been getting a few emails and posts that ask for instructions on how to use the nature sound mixing board. Here is a bit of instruction and general advice:

Use the drop down boxes to select from a variety of sounds. The vertical slider controls volume for the sound displayed in the drop down box. The small horizontal sliders control the pan (left to right speaker balance) for the sound in the drop down box.

Experiment with sounds, volumes and pan. Most people find fewer sounds (3 or 4 sounds) to be more relaxing than a larger number. Also, most people find lower volumes to be more relaxing and sleep inducing than very loud volumes.

Once you find a selection of sounds and volume/pan balances that you like, you can leave the sounds playing for as long as you like.

Hope this answers all the questions. Enjoy the soundboard, and please post any comments or questions you may have.

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