Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yoga - Stress Reduction for Children

Jamshedpur, March 6: Experts say yoga could prove to be a solution for children who are battling stress in the present competitive scenario.

The Satyananda Yoga Kendra (SYK), a city-based institute affiliated to the Bihar School of Yoga, has decided to lay special emphasis on school children and take the purest form of yoga to them. This, they believe, would help in dealing with stress and health problems faced by today’s youth.

The Kendra is gearing up to hold yoga sessions in the future and intends to send invites to various city schools.

SYK secretary Dilip Singh pointed out: “We would conduct the sessions making sure that no examinations are held so that we can get maximum students to participate and benefit from them.”

The competition has become very tough academically for children.

They are completely stressed out. Yoga in its purest form, not sports yoga, can benefit them in a great way, added Singh. He said several schools have been asking for such courses to help their students.

Apart from that, the SYK has also planned a week-long yoga camp from March 20 that aims to take yoga to all the sections of the society.

Experts from the Bihar School of Yoga would conduct the classes. The week-long camp has been planned in three categories — the advance category, the basic and the ladies category.

Those who are adept with the basics of yoga would go through the advance course while the basic course would cater to the first timers and ladies section would benefit women with physical disorders like obesity, SYK officials pointed out.

The SYK was formed in Jamshedpur in 2002 and has around 150 members.

The organisation plans to bring yoga to the poorer sections of the society and orphan children as well, officials added.

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Blogger Peter Kua said...

It's really sad to see children suffering from stress, when they are supposed to be out playing and being carefree. But yes, given the current state of this world and with parents pushing their kids harder at ever younger ages, yoge will help!

7:55 PM  

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