Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dealing With Stress

Sorry for the long absences, as I said the holiday season can be hectic and mine was crazed! When things get busy, or stressful, it’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy and forget to take time out for yourself. That’s kind of what I have been doing and once I was on that free fall my sleep and therefore my productivity suffered.

For the past six weeks I have been the best example of what not to do when life gets difficult. I can’t stress enough how important routine is to my quality of life and how necessary it is to allow “personal down time” a frequent and regular place in that routine. I know that insomnia will probably be a challenge for me throughout my life, but still I need times like these to remind me why I allow myself “me time” and how “me time” improves the quality and efficiency of everything I must do throughout the day.

What constitutes “me time”? Well, the little breaks for a mental and physical check in are probably the most important for maintaining calm and relaxation, but when things get busy and stressful those check ins are usually the first thing to go. I think the trick is to try not to let life get too busy, too stressful. I wrote about my morning routine in my last blog (it’s been a while so you might need to review it). In order to maintain a state of relaxation or calm, your day must begin relaxed and calm. My morning routine is all “me time” and I’ve created an environment where all my senses or both soothed and stimulated. I sit in my most comfortable chair in front of a cozy heat register, I take time to sip and smell that first cup of coffee I so very much enjoy, and I listen to the sounds of nature and soft soothing music. All the other things I do to promote physical relaxation would be of little or perhaps no benefit without that 10 to 15 minute period set aside for me and me alone. That was what I lost track of over the past few weeks so my sleep and productivity diminished.

Take some time this week and consider your ideal morning scenario. What sights, sounds, smells, tastes calm, relax and stimulate you? Where in your home does your body feel most comfortable and relaxed?
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